Viral Video: How to Use One for Marketing Success

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When you make a video for your brand, your goal is to make it viral, knowing that if it does, you can get a tremendous amount of traffic, ultimately boosting your sales. Just imagine there are more than 5 billion people on the internet, which means your business has just as much potential market. 

How do you ensure that your video stands out from all the other videos from your competition? How do you ensure it is watched by the right people, too?

Here, BandsOffAds shares a quick guide on how to achieve success in marketing through a viral video:

What Makes Viral Video Marketing Valuable

When done correctly, viral video marketing can be an invaluable asset for businesses. 

The success of viral video marketing depends on creating entertaining, informative, and engaging content. Videos should be tailored toward the target audience to ensure they are relevant and will be seen by the right people. Additionally, videos should be shared on multiple platforms and include a call to action. This will help to increase the chances of the video going viral.

Viral video marketing is also effective in improving brand recognition, as customers are more likely to remember a video than a text-based advertisement. This can help businesses to stand out from the competition and build trust with potential customers. Videos can also be used to communicate complex messages in an easy-to-understand format. 

What Will It Take to Make a Marketing Video Viral

Creating a marketing video that goes viral is no small feat. It requires a level of creativity, dedication, and understanding of the audience that can make or break a video. To make a marketing video go viral, several key elements need to be in place.

First, the video must be entertaining and engaging. This means the video should capture the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds and keep it until the end. The content must be memorable, and the visuals must be eye-catching. The video should also include a strong message that resonates with its target audience.

Second, the video should be share-worthy. It should have an element that encourages people to share it with their friends and family. This could be something simple like a catchy tagline or a humorous moment that is to be shared.

Third, the video should be optimized for the platform it is being shared on. Different platforms have different algorithms for how content is shared and seen.

Fourth, the video should be promoted aggressively. This could include paid advertising, influencer marketing, and other tactics to get the word out. Promotion should also be focused on the right channels to ensure that it reaches the right people.

Finally, the video should be consistent with the brand’s message and mission. The content should reflect the brand’s values and resonate with the audience. This consistency helps to ensure that the video will be successful and will be seen and shared by the right people.

What Elements Make Up a Viral Video

What elements do you need to consider when creating a video you hope to go viral?

Intriguing Concept

A video needs to have something unique or controversial to draw attention. It needs to stand out from your competitors’ videos and capture people’s imagination. An easy way to achieve this is to compare two different things, such as a humorous comparison between two celebrities or a comparison of two different cultures. 

Production Quality

A video needs to look professional and have high production values to be taken seriously. This means investing in good equipment, having a talented director, and ensuring the editing is done correctly. 


The content of the video needs to be entertaining, funny, or informative to keep the viewer’s attention. The video should be short, and to the point, making viewers want to share it with their friends. 


A viral video must be shared on the right platform to reach the right audience. For example, if the video is about a new trend, it should be shared on a platform such as YouTube or Instagram, where trends are often discussed. 


A video should have a clear message that resonates with the audience. It should be something that people can relate to, and it should be something that they can share with their friends. 


Overall, viral videos can be an effective marketing tool, but they require careful planning and execution. It is vital to have a clear message, use creative visuals, and create a shareable video that will capture people’s attention and encourage them to share it with others. With the right strategy, viral videos can be an incredibly effective way to promote a business.

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