Before You Start!

Here are a few pointers for you..

1. Natural Lighting

Lighting is very important, especially while recording. We recommend recording behind a window or setting up a ring light so that the content can be top notch!

Bad vs Good Lighting

2. Clear Audio

Our phones nowadays have good enough audio but make sure you aren’t covering the mic. If you are outside make sure there isn’t any wind noise because it can be damaging to the quality.

Good Audio vs Bad Audio

3. Authenticity

While recording the content try to be as authentic as possible while mentioning all points the client requested. Nobody likes anyone who sounds too salezy at the end of the day 🙂

How to Sound Authentic

4. Delivery

Once you receive the products you will have up to 3 days to record and deliver the work. You will be able to upload the work to the link provided to you once product was sent.

Deliver Your Video

Examples Of User Generated Content

Unboxing (20-40 seconds)
Demonstration (20-40 seconds)
Testimonial (20-40 seconds)
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