The Ultimate Q4 Strategy

By BandsOffAds

$3.5 billion in online sales in 2019. 

Globally, online sales are anticipated to reach $4.2 trillion this year.

Coming up we’ve got…
> Thanksgiving
> Black Fridaydsadsa
> Cyber Monday
> Hanukkah
> Winter begins
> Christmas
> Kwanzaa
> New Years Eve
> And MORE!

Q4 Planning & Structure

1) October – Preparation Month: Many people wait for a week or two before Black Friday or Cyber Monday but that is the complete opposite of what you want to do. This is the month where you want to find your potential winning product to serve you for the coming months.

2) November – Sales: This is the month of sales, discounts, deals, offers, etc. You want to give amazing offers because that’s what people are looking for. People will buy products for themselves, friends, family, etc. This is also where you should have a winning product, creative, & offer ready to scale. 

3) December – Holiday Season: This is the month where everyone is in a happy jolly mood buying gifts for their relatives, friends, family, after all, it’s the month of giving.

4) January – New Year: “New year, new me” right?

Although most of the sales do tend to come before January, this will be the perfect month to sell people on new year’s resolution products. People will set goals such as weight loss, health, waking up earlier, skincare, eating healthier, or drinking more water. There are many products out there that solve many of these products.

5 Step Criteria for Winning Products

This is the most crucial step & without a good product, you won’t have anything to sell. 

Here is a list of product criteria to make sure you select a good product:

1) Broad Market – The best type of product during these times is one with a broad or general market. This is because you want to put your ad in front of as many people as you can to scale to the most amount of revenue possible, but if your product is super niche this isn’t really possible.

2) High Perceived Value – Your product can’t look like it can be bought at the dollar store. A lot of beginners usually sell cheap crappy products that you can get in almost any dollar store. Make sure your product is and look really high quality and expensive at first glance, without the consumer even getting to your site first & looking at the price.

3) Margin – Usually beginners tend to sell cheap, low-quality products but during Q4 CPM’s tend to increase so you want to make sure your product has a margin of more than $20+ so you have enough margin to scale profitably.

4) Wow Factor – This is the season where everyone is buying everything! If your product has a wow factor and has a unique or crazy feature, many parents will purchase it for their children, nephews, or maybe even themselves.

5) Low Competition – Products that are being sold by hundreds or even thousands of other dropshippers already, you will have a less chance of yours being the one that actually succeeds. That’s why we recommend starting & testing products early on so you can find a strong & untapped winning product that is ready to scale on BFCM.

Finding Winning Products

There are many ways to find winning products. Here are some that we go over and use mostly.

1) Aliexpress – This is a way you can use to find good untapped winning products that haven’t hit the market yet. You can start by browsing categories and setting the minimum price to $5 or $10 dollars, and start scrolling away. Only open products that catch your eye while your scrolling through and make sure it has a high perceived value.

2) Spy Tools – With spy tools instead of looking for ads with millions of views, we tend to look for products on the rise. This means any Facebook that has under a million views which you can also start selling and making a killing! We use this method the most.

3) Amazon Best Sellers – Amazon is the biggest online marketplace and they also share some nice statistics. You can view the movers & shakers tab or the best sellers and see if you can source them on Aliexpress. Remember, the product must have a high perceived value.

Arsenal of Creatives

Most wow factor products do very well with video ads. You can either create your own videos or allow us to handle that for you.

As a thank you for reading this here is a 15% OFF discount you can use on any video package to help you start testing ASAP!

Use code 15OFF at checkout. Please note this is for a limited time and will not be for long. 

Good luck and let’s crush this Q4!

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