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Looking to start getting sales using Facebook Ads? You are in the right place! We have created a short yet effective article and video on how to create and set up your first official Facebook Ads Campaign. This will be perfect for any beginner who is trying to get started and drive traffic to their website.

1. Setting Up The Campaign

One of the first steps to start running ads is setting up the campaign. Usually, we organize and create campaigns based on the product we are running. As an example let’s say you have a dog store. Here are some examples of what you should name your campaign.

Campaign Name:

• Dog Water Bottle

• Dog Hair Brush

• Dog Collar

Campaign Objective

After you name your campaign you will have to choose an objective. This is you telling Facebook what you want the goal of your campaign to be. If you want sales, go for the conversions objective!

2. Deep Dive Adset Editing

Adsets are the next part you will face when creating your campaign. Once you get to the adset level you should set your pixel event too “Purchase” since you do want purchases. Pretty straight forward right?

Location Targeting

After scrolling down a bit you will see a targeting. This section varies depending on where you can ship your product but usually, we start out targeting either the top 5 countries or just the U.S.


United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand

Demographics & Interest Targeting

Once you set your location targeting you can now start targeting your potential customer, the fun part! A lot of people put so much thought into this section but Facebook’s AI is smart enough and has so many data points that it can make its own decisions.

We usually, leave age & gender as default and let Facebook do the heavy lifting. As for detailed interests, we put something related to the product or service we are trying to sell. 

As an example let’s say we have a dog store we would then target PetSmart since anyone who has in interest in PetSmart most likely has a pet or is interested in getting one soon.

Automatic & Manual Placements

This is a pretty controversial topic a lot of people talk about whether manual or automatic placements are better. We usually, start off by selecting manual placements and ONLY running to the Instagram & Facebook feed. 

As we scale and have more confidence in the product we will switch on automatic placements and test to see what works better.

Daily Budget

The last part of the adset level is budget. This section depends on your product price and of course your budget. We usually, follow a simple rule. If your product is $40 or less you can set the budget at $5/day per adset. 

If your product price is anything more than that we tend to set the budget higher since $5/day will be extremely slow to see results as the cost per purchase for higher-priced products tend to be higher.

3. Uploading an Image or Video

Congrats! You’ve almost completed your first Facebook campaign. Just 1 last step left which is the creative. This is what your potential customers will see on their Facebook feed as an ad. There are different types of creatives you can choose to run such as images, videos, carousels, etc. In this article, we will be going over images and videos as we have had the most success with those.


Add your image or video by clicking add media.

Once the creative is uploaded, you can set up the copies A.K.A the headlines, descriptions, headers, etc. A lot of people think this part isn’t as important and put anything just to fill it up. It’s actually one of the most important parts aside from your video or image ad. 

Usually, we like to put benefits of the product or evoke emotion in the copy to get people off of Facebook onto our website. Here is an example.

Once you have that is complete you can go ahead and publish the ad! Congratulations and you have completed your first Facebook Campaign, Adset, an Ad! We are quite done as you will have to duplicate the adset 5-10 more times and the only variable you will change will be the targeting. Find more interested related to your product to test which targeting works best!

If you have a decent store, choosing the right product along with an amazing creative while also following the steps mentioned above, you should start seeing sales roll in! Yay! 

The most exciting part of this all. We know you may be able to make a decent store, find good products, but many people struggle to make a good video ad. Editing is a skill that takes time and a lot of effort. If you want us to handle the video ad creation process for you click here. 

Get Your Video Creatives Done With BandsOffAds Today!

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