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Enjoy access to daily winning products, exclusive deals, special packages, and VIP Support.

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BandsBox Offers Daily Handpicked Trending Products

Before any detected products enter your BandsBox portal, they are manually reviewed so every single product is qualified.

Exlusive Access to BandsOffAds

Once you are in BandsBox™ you also get access to multiple perks for BandsOffAds such as discounted packages, 24hr video ad turnaround time, and VIP support.

What's In The Box?

Here's what you get once you unlock the box!

Daily Products

Get access to daily winning products including video ads, descriptions, thumbnails, competitor links & more!

20% Off Orders

All Premium Box Members get access to a vault of special packages which are heavily discounted.

24 Hour Delivery

Get BandsOffAds video ads delivered in 24 hours or less once you are in the box!

24 Hour Revisions

Want your ad changed? No worries, get it done in 24 hours or less when you are in the box!

Priority Support

As one of our most important clients, you’ll get dedicated 24/7 priority support.

Free GIF's

As part of the box, you will also get free GIF’s with every order placed with BandsOffAds.

Benefits of BandsBox

Enjoy access to daily winning products, exclusive deals, special packages, and VIP Support.

Trending Products

Receive daily product drops, delivered straight to your BandsBox portal where you can access from anywhere.

Professional Ads

Pre-made video ads for only $67/mo made so you can just add your own branding to them and launch quick!

Competitor Insight

With each daily product drop comes with all the necessary competitor information you need to quickly replicate and improve upon.

Supplier Links

Each product drop also includes supplier links so that you can start selling the product on your own store right away!

BandsOffAds Partnership Access

Getting access to BandsBox™ means you also get 20% off BandsOffAds video packages as well as 24 hour turnaround time.

Pay Bill With 3 Sales

Only 3 sales is all you need to cover the cost of a subscription with us. On the other hand, one winner could make you way more!

Select Between

Two Plans


Starter Box


Includes everything in basic plus:

  • Daily Winning Products

  • Custom Video Ads & Thumbnails

  • Copy & Paste Descriptions

  • Competitor Insights

  • Advertising Adcopy

  • Facebook Products

  • TikTok Products

  • Private Community

Premium Box


Everything in basic as well as BandsOffAds benefits below:

  • 20% Off Video Packages

  • 24 Hour Delivery

  • 24 Hour Revisions

  • Weekend Delivery

  • Free GIF's

  • Priority Support

  • Private Community

  • Bragging Rights

Compare Packages

Daily Winning Products
Custom Video Ads & Thumbnails
Copy & Paste Descriptions
Competitor Insights
Facebook Products
TikTok Products
20% Off Packages (BandsOffAds)
24 Hour Delivery (BandsOffAds)
24 Hour Revisions (BandsOffAds)
Priority Support (BandsOffAds)

BandsBox is a parent company of BandsOffAds (E-Commerce Video Ad Service).

If you decide to go with any of our plans, you will gain access to them within your bandsoffads dashboard which can be accessed here: https://clients.bandsoffads.com/

Whether or not you have used our services before and love the ads we produce or just want amazing benefits, we highly recommend you to become a BandsBox member to save money, get priority support, faster delivery, and daily winning products with video ads, descriptions, adcopy & thumbnails included!

Our Basic Plan Offers: 

• Daily Winning Products

• 72 Hour Revision & Delivery

• Weekend Delivery

• Priority Support

Our Premium Plan includes everything above however you get:

• 20% OFF Select Packages

• 24 Hour Delivery

• 24 Hour Revisions

Please contact us at team@bandsoffads.com if you have further questions.

Yes! Once you are a member you will get access new suggested product daily which includes:

  • Video Ads
  • Thumbnails
  • Product Descriptions
  • Adcopies
  • Competitor Insights
  • Supplier Links

You will gain access to this immediately once your subscription is successfully purchased!

Once you are a member you will instantly unlock access to our own winning product tool which includes daily:

• Winning Products

• Video Ads

• Description

• Competitor Links

• Adcopy

• Thumbnail

You will get one new product daily. If you are VIP Plus you will additionally gain access to a private service section with 24hr delivery and 20% off packages.

You can simply cancel your membership by logging into the portal, clicking the subscription tab & cancel your plan. If this is not available you can contact team@bandsoffads.com

We have a strict No Refund Policy. Our product vault is downloadable. As soon as the customer purchases, they have access to all vaulted products. 

Once a customer purchases the membership they can cancel at any time.

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